In September of 2018, Jembi in collaboration with CDC conducted a workshop to interact with all implementing partners to collect information on the EPTS, POC and HELP DESK projects, understand the status and challenges of the project, confirm the scope and basic requirements as well as establish a joint EPTS support plan and coordination mechanisms.

Specific Objectives

  1. Collect basic information of the implementations partners (plans, # of sites covered and location, versions of the EPTS used and main constraints, team, focal points, technology used, others)
  2. Discussion of the actual situation of eSaude project and lessons learned and next steps
  3. Discussion overall objective and framework/architecture
  4. Define high level common requirements and architecture
  5. Define migration plans of each partner
  6. Define support to the infrastructure by Jembi and each NGO
  7. Define help desk functioning and methodology
  8. Define coordination mechanisms and support plan
  9. Define future of eSaude community

Expected Results

  • Better understanding of the current status of the ePTS, PoC and Helpdesk systems.

  • Proposal of common architecture

  • EPTS changes tests and deployment strategy agreed

  • Communication channels and coordination mechanisms established

Partners Presentations

Reference Documents and Results